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Boxis Shredders

A new shredder from Boxis extends got such an adore from the this little guy is all about performance and this little shredder provides it! With its cutting power and easy-to-use controls, this shredder is sure to take care of your paper quickly and easily, plus, the lubricant shee will make your shredding experience even more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Get the Boxis shredder today.

Lot of 4 (12 packs) Shredcare Paper Shredder Lubrication Sheets SCLS12 48 Sheets

Lot of 4 (12 packs)



BOXIS AutoShred 120-Sheet Auto Feed Microcut Paper Shredder (AF120)

BOXIS AutoShred 120-Sheet Auto Feed

By INTEK America, Inc.


Boxis® Autoshred® 60-Sheet Auto Feed Microcut Paper Shredder - White - Includes

Boxis Shredders Walmart

The Boxis is a powerful paper shredder that is best for automatic paper shredder machines that need a strong and durable shredded product, the shredded product is fabricated of high-quality paper which makes the Boxis a safe and reliable substitute for people paper shredding businesses. The Boxis autoshred commercial series 550 sheet autofeed microcut shredder is a top-of-the-line tool for shredded paper and other materials, it offers a variety of features, including autofeed microcut shredding and shredding, as well as sheet the shredded paper tool can also be used to shredded cheese, yogurt, and other types of cheese. The Boxis shredder is a first-rate alternative for individuals wanting for a safe and reliable surrogate to shred data and recover data, the Boxis shredder extends 8- sheet sheets that make it basic to shredded data. The Boxis shredded data can be recovered using its cutters and cuttings feature, the Boxis autoshred 120 replacement parts are designed to help you with out using up all your paper. The casters help keep the paper from getting tangled up and the base helps keep the paper from falling over.