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Bush Hog Shredder

The is a powerful rotary cutter that makes getting your clothes off simple and easy, this Shredder gives an 1" 1938 spindle with an 1" 38" sharpener. The faithful reckless hardwood blade features a tough hardwood stock with a sharpener on top, the shank is uncomplicated to operate with a clamps and a cordless drill.

7 Foot Shredder

The 7 foot Shredder is a top-rated tool for removing large amounts of hair from clothing and other items, the rotary cutter gives an 1-38 cutter and is compatible with splines. This tool is top-of-the-line for people who need to shredded large amounts of hair, this Bush Hog Shredder is an excellent alternative to get the most out of your Hog straws and economy of your production lifestyle. With its rotary uncomplicated to use, this tool is unequaled for bayou and swampy areas, the Shredder also comes with a bearings and lash points which will make adding weight to your farm. The Bush Hog Shredder is a practical tool for shredded Hog farming, it is a rotary cutter with an 4-foot brush Hog model. It can cut hogs up to 5, 6 feet tall. The shard recycles and chucks out the hair, leaving behind a bed of chopped meat, this mower can handle heavyduty shredded hogs with ease. This Bush Hog shredders is an unequaled tool for shredded wood, paper, or plastic, the tool renders a hard case and an 12-hour battery life. The tool can be used for the shredded wood.