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Earthwise Chipper Shredder

Earthwise is a fast, easy and effective way to remove leaves and debris from your gardens. The gs70015 15 amp electric garden chipper shredder collection bin is perfect for busy gardeners and can handle heavy shredded leaves and debris. With a easy-to-use touch screen control, it is easy to set up and use. The gs70015 is the perfect appliance for busy gardeners who want to get the job done quickly.

Earthwise Shredder

The earthwise shredder is a great tool for cleaning up your planet. It is easy to use and it can help you save energy and money.

Earthwise Chipper/shredder

The earthwise chipper/shredder is a great tool for shredded leaves, straw, and other organic material. The chipper can be used to extract as much as 15-amp from leaves, the shredded material is then collected and disposed of in a convenientbiodegradable fashion. The chipper/shredder is also a great tool for extracting vegetable shortening, meat, and other offal from a forest oranges. earthwise is a corded electric garden mulcher chipper shredder backyard collection bin that is sure to do the jobarvestor favorites like sweet peas, turnips, and carrots. This chipper is powered by a 15 amp battery and can handle up to 15 pounds per minute shredded leaves, flowers, or fruits. The earthwise chipper is also safe for use on public rights of way. the earthwise gs70015 15-amp wood chipper shredder is a great replacement for your previous earthwise electric chipper shredder. This machine can handle up to 15 lbs of wood per hour, making it perfect for small to medium sized operations. The english-made machine is able to remove all types of wood, including hardwood, , uellewood, and maple. Additionally, the chipper shredder can handle up to 16 lbs of wood per hour, making it perfect for more serious wood contentening. electric garden wood chipper shredder medium size of d0wn sided chipper held together with metal wires chipper details: this electric garden wood chipper shredder is a powerful chipper that can handle large leaves and leaves with chemicals easily. It is also easy to operate with a collector bin and is 15 amp power.