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Hobart Cheese Shredder

Hobart Cheese Shredder is unrivalled for mixers! It's 12" tall, have a small saw blade on one end and a grater on the other, for making thick reports or complicated cheeses, the pelican head is a top addition for a top-of-the-line kitchen appliance.

Hobart Shredder Attachment

The Hobart pelican head Cheese grater set is a best-in-class substitute to get the best ingredients out of your cheese! These shredded plates come with a Hobart Cheese grater, so you can get a top-rated amount of Cheese to put on your dishes, the set also includes a cheesecloth measuring spoon, this is a beneficial all-purpose tool for shredded or or veg. Crushes large vegetables like potatoes, potatoes, pork, and beef with ease, the Hobart vegetable Shredder can handle biggest challenges with ease. The all-purpose design and crusher design helps make this is a top-rated tool for a busy home cook, the pelican head Shredder grater for Hobart mixer 12 is outstanding for dealing with large Cheese discs. It provides a comfortable design and easy-to-use controls, making it straightforward to operate and get the job done, the 316 pizza Cheese Shredder disc for the Hobart univex mixer pelican head Shredder is excellent for an admirer who wants an effortless and delicious pizza. This Shredder attachment makes pizza with pizza Cheese so straightforward to use.