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Ikea Shredder

Introducing the Ikea multi function grinder - an exceptional tool for shredded potatoes, onions and more, this Shredder comes with a tool and a container tool for display and cooking. The grater tool makes it straightforward to shredded ingredients while the Shredder tool makes quick and clean up tasks easy.

Ikea Shredder Walmart

This Ikea Shredder is a new oval design that is prime for shredding cheese, it is a professional quality product that is manufactured in the eu. This Shredder is additionally safe for use with eggs and other cheese products, it is straightforward to adopt and is designed to be facile to clean. The Ikea Shredder is an unequaled way to get your food in the ground with a simple but efficient substitute to cook, this Shredder can be used for cheese, vegetables, or even it is new in the wrapper and will make your food cooking easier than ever. This tool offers a variety of function options including shredded and shredded-by-the-foot leaves, as well as leaves that have been shredded with a sifter or bowl, the shredded container makes a top-grade accounted for appliance for your property. This Ikea charm kitchen grater cheese food red black 6 piece Shredder susan pyke new is a splendid substitute to make you home better, it gives a cute Ikea logo with black trim and a green cheese spectrum. The grater is basic to adopt and does an unrivaled job of shredded cheese, the six-pack of food red, black, and blue is organization enticing for a small kitchen. The grater also offers a shredding blade that makes it effortless to clean.