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Office Max Paper Shredder

Add a few keywords to your description to make it stand out: a Max security shredded Paper streamliner that makes your Paper thin on the ground, our Shredder is designed to protect your materials from anyone who wants them, including you! This Shredder is 1005 mc with an 10-sheet shredders range of options to suit your needs. Our Office Max Paper Shredder is open box so you can be sure of your materials before they are delivered to your office.

Paper Shredder Model WM6S Black Max 6 Sheets

Paper Shredder Model WM6S Black

By Paper Shredder


Paper Shredder WM6X 6 Sheet Max 1 Credit Card

Paper Shredder Office Max

The royal 1005 mc 10 sheet microcut Shredder Max security is a top-rated substitute for lovers that need a small to medium size shredder, this Shredder is straightforward to operate and offers a Max security of 10 sheets. It is also abase secure with the use of security locks, this Paper Shredder is top-of-the-line for suitors who grove on their office! It is small and lightweight so it can be taken with you wherever you go, and it can handle large amounts of Paper with ease. With its four sheets of microcrystalline Paper shredding technology, this Shredder can easily and quickly remove any amount of Paper from even the largest of volumes, of course, it doesn't stop there: this Shredder also offers a built in belt sorter and is capable of handling even the most dense of papers. So you can always keep your work organized and organized desk! The Office Max Shredder is a first rate value for the price you pay, it is a small and lightweight Shredder that can be attached to a key ring or belt. It presents a smart computerized Shredder system that ensures each sheet is killed off and the Shredder silent, it also renders a self-cleaning system that keeps the Shredder clean and free of oils and dust. The Shredder can handle a lot of data and can speed up the process of data destruction, our Shredder is an excellent alternative for shoppers who work in an office. It effortless to handle and can shredded Paper up to 6 sheet sizes, the shredded Paper is then placed in the wastebasket which can be used for cleaning up or for making your Office look better than ever before.