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Shredder Motor

The new redcat racing Shredder xt 16 scale stock brushless Motor is an enticing surrogate for lovers wanting for a powerful and durable shredder, the Motor is backed by an 36 mm x 74 mm x 16 scale stock brushless Motor display. This is ready to adopt with a simple push of a button, this can shredded up to 16 grams of material at a time. It can be used for manual or automatic shredding, the can be set to at least 16 scales, which means that it can be shredded on either an 16 scale stock brushless Motor or an 1300 kv 36 mm x 74 the also offers a simple design that can be easily noticed. The can be used for shredders, biz and offline shopping. It also comes with a case.

Fellowes 320 - 380 cc White Top Shredder Motor Double Drive Gear H180017

Fellowes 320 - 380 cc

By Fellowes


Redcat Racing Shredder XT Motor KV 1300

Redcat Racing Shredder XT Motor

By Redcat Racing


Fellowes 99ci Oem Main Motor Assembly Shredder
Intimus 60 CC3 Drive Motor CrossCut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder SH11065C
Toro 850 Super Blower Shredder-Vac 12 Amp Replacement Motor Carbon Brush Set#158

Toro 850 Super Blower Shredder-Vac

By Toro and others


Top 10 Shredder Motor

This martin yale Shredder Motor is a top-of-the-heap deal! It is fabricated with high-quality parts and ingredients, and is backed by a sale price, this Motor is valuable for any shredded food business. This is a Motor for the redcat Shredder hobbywing it features an 1300 kv, operating frequency and an 80 a rating. It is waterproof to 5 eca and extends a brushless stage with aio-chamber for high performance, the Motor is in like manner so you can use it as or climbing motor. The Shredder Motor is a powerful Motor that can resists heat and noise when used, it is ideal for shredded food or laundry. The Motor gives to connect to a power strip for facile circulation, the Shredder also renders a safety switch that prevents the Motor from seats. This is a plastic bottle on stand that comes with a Motor and hopper, it can be used to clean or recycle plastic bottles.