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Ativa Micro Cut Shredder

Is a powerful Shredder that's unequaled for a small business, it's got a ten-sheet multiplier and a micro-cuts detector that make it basic to get the job done. Plus, it's got a built-in shredders.

Ativa 10 Sheet Shredder

Is a new model of Shredder that comes in 19 sheet sizes, it is a powerful tool for personal or office shredded paper. The Shredder can automatically Cut paper from Micro Cut paper Shredder pieces that are new, or from an existing list of Cut pieces, the auto feed feature ensures fast processing of shredded paper, and the new last piece feature keeps track of each shredded piece. The desktop lift-off paper Shredder is a top-rated machine for recycling paper products, this Shredder grants an 10 sheet shredded capacity and can shredded up to 8 sheets at a time. The Shredder extends an easily accessible control panel that makes it facile to ruined paper products, the paper shredded automatically system means that you can be sure that your paper will be recycled and your money will be saved. Is a leading micro-cut Shredder company, with a variety of different models that include the 10 sheet shredder, you can get shredded data quickly and easily. The 10 sheet Shredder comes with a basket, making it facile to manage the data, it is conjointly short enough to suit in a bank bag, making it facile to pick up from the bank. The 10 sheet micro-cut Shredder is a top-of-the-heap surrogate for shoppers digging for a small, efficient and affordable shredder, the are at of 8. 9 d about 2, 5 d in height. The shredded material isa polypropylene Shredder with an of 17, 48 h x 13. 7 w x 8, 9 this Shredder can be used with paper, plastic, or metal shredded material. The Shredder grants a speed of 17, 48 7 9 and a capacity of 10 sheet micro-cut shredded material.