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Embassy Microcut Shredder

The Embassy Microcut Shredder is a top-rated surrogate to save time and get your paper thin paper dreams away from your customers! This device comes with an 12- sheet Microcut Shredder that is auto-fed so you can always be sure of your paper thin paper dreams.

Embassy Auto Feed Shredder

The Embassy auto-feed Shredder is a valuable surrogate to reduce waste and save money, it is 12-sheet capacity and comes with a blue plastic material shredder. This Shredder can be used for paper or plastic materials, it is automatically fed and allows for quick and uncomplicated trash control. Our Embassy shredders are designed to shredded any document that is over 12 sheets wide, the shredded document will be automatically fed into the Shredder you can also choose to not have the document along with the shredded content on the same sheet. The autofeed Shredder will automatically start shredded when it hears the Shredder start, the Embassy paper Shredder is a first rate choice to save time and get your paper applications and documents to you quickly. It gives an 12-sheet cut sheet capacity, making it top-of-the-heap for small jobs or those that have large amounts of material, the auto-feed feature makes it effortless to read from the comfort of your own home, and the gray color is top-notch for any service with a high volume. This Shredder as well good for other types of paper, such a4 paper, a3 paper, or a4 types of paper, the Embassy 9-sheet Microcut paper Shredder with auto feed-gray is an unequaled Shredder for the average person. It renders a simple design and is basic to use, this Shredder can shredded any types of paper, including cards, it is conjointly basic to use, even for the simplest of tasks.