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Fellowes 79ci Shredder

This Fellowes powershred 79 ci cross-cut Shredder is top-quality for shredded potatoes, noodles or other cooked ingredients, it is furthermore automatic and comes with a sharp blade, so you can be sure it is getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Fellowes Shredder Ps-79ci

The Fellowes Shredder ps-79 ci is a powerful cross cut saw that can handle large quantities of paper and debris, the saw is again water resistant and imparts an 100 jam proof medium duty cross cut shredder. This saw is sterling for small to large jobs that require high quality shredding, the Fellowes 79 ci is a black cross-cut paper Shredder that is puissant for small to medium size papers. It grants a small capacity that can handle large volumes of paper, the Shredder also offers a power save feature so that you can keep your paper safe without power. The Fellowes powershred 79 ci Shredder is a powerful Shredder that is best-in-the-class for taking away all your friends' data, it offers a cross-cut Shredder design that is terrific for taking apart packages and data. The Fellowes powershred 79 ci shredded easily by making small cuts with its jam proof medium-duty cross-cut shredder, the Fellowes paper Shredder is a powerful paper Shredder that is terrific for small-sized businesses and homes. This equipment is top-quality for issuing and handling of papers such as envelopes, paper products, and card stock, with its different modes of shredded paper including "thinner than fun, " "thinner than life, " and "thinner than death, " this Shredder is splendid for handling shredded papers in a surrogate that is professional and convenient. The Fellowes paper Shredder is prime for busy businesses that need to handle papers quickly and efficiently.