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Kitchenaid Slicer Shredder Attachment Replacement Parts

The kitchenaid slicer is no longer available to purchase after the part broke off and shreds food. What's left is a standard blade attachment with a shredder attachment that can be attached to a food plot or belt. This replacement parts for the kitchenaid slicer comes with a mixer attachment, which is perfect for maneuvring your ingredients.

Kitchenaid Slicer Shredder Replacement Parts

If you’re in the market for a new kitchenaid slicer shredder, we have the perfect part for you! This part is a new model, and has been designed from the beginning to be easy to operate and use. the shredder has been redesigned with a new controller and belt drive, making it easier to operate and fasterid. With this new part, you can finally get your kitchenaid slicer shredded to the fullest extent!

Shredder Part

This is aquietly and easily remove parts from kitchenaid rotor slicer shredder with food pusher attachment. With this part, you can enjoy your shredder without ever having to worry about the attachments. The unique blade shape makes it a perfect choice for kitchen applications. our kitchenaid slicer/shredder replacement parts are perfect for your machine! The attachments include a rotor vegetable slicer and a shredder cones shaft parts. These parts are essential for properly slicing fruits and vegetables. this is a kitchenaid fresh prep slicer/shredder attachment replacement parts for the kitchenaid mixer. It's for the the kitchenaid fresh preppy slicer and shredder are a great way to keep your kitchen clean and in tact. They are also great for shredding food. The replacement parts for the kitchenaidrotorslicershredder and kitchenaid fresh preppy slicer are included with the kitchenaid parts.