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Omnitech Shredder

The Omnitech Shredder pa is a powerful Shredder that makes data collection and disposal easier than ever, with this powerful tool, you can shred data quickly and easily. The pa also provides a rounded head that is basic to scrape data from, with this shredder, you'll be able to get data out of your shredded data quickly and easily.

Omnitech 12 sheet cross cut Paper Shredder cutter 3.63 gal. credit cards NIB
Brand New Omnitech 11 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder OT-NXC11BFA
Housing Only - Omnitech 10 Sheet cross cut shredder OT-NXC10PA *Housing only*

Housing Only - Omnitech 10

By Omnitech / Staples


- BIN ONLY - for Omnitech OT-NXC11BFA 11-sheet Crosscut Shredder

- BIN ONLY - for

By Omnitech


Omnitech 10 Sheet cross cut shredder OT-NXC10PA

Omnitech 10 Sheet cross cut

By Omnitech / Staples


Omnitech Shredder Jam

The Omnitech Shredder jammer is a brand new, 14- sheet cross-cut Shredder that renders all the features of the Omnitech Shredder jammers, it can be used to shred paper, plastic, or metal. The built-in Shredder means that you can shredded paper or metal with ease, the Omnitech Shredder jammer also grants an automatic shut-off that keeps your hands and pages clean. The Omnitech cross cut Shredder is a top new addition to the cross cut shredding genre, this powerful and facile to handle Shredder is sensational for an individual who wants to get rid of all the food in their kitchen. The Omnitech cross cut Shredder is capable of shredded size up to 11 sheets at a time and can be used for freezer or kitchen shredded storage, the Omnitech 10-sheet cross-cut Shredder is a powerful and effortless to operate cross cut shredder. It provides an 10-sheet Shredder so you can have more money to save on your taxes, the Omnitech 14 sheet cross-cut Shredder is fantastic for somebody who wants to get the most out of their cross cut shredding. This Shredder offers an automatic shut-off so you can keep track of your shredding progress and an 6-hourturbo mode for a longer lifespan of your cross-cut shredding equipment, the Omnitech paper Shredder is a new device that is sterling for lovers who need a simple and efficient alternative to remove paper from the wall or desk. This device presents an 10-sheet Shredder that is valuable for large projects, the device is again variable speed, so you can choose how much paper is remove from the device. The Omnitech paper Shredder is compatible with many devices, such as a computer, phone, or ipad, this is a beneficial device for someone who needs a simple and efficient surrogate to remove paper from the wall or desk.