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Plastic Shredder

This Plastic Shredder renders an unique four-wheel drive and can handle large newspaper and Plastic batches of up to 220 kg, the granulator feature ensures even processing of textiles and plastics. The controller renders an input for up to 250 kg of plastic, making it top-rated for small businesses.

3d Print Shredder

This is an 3 d print Shredder that shreds precious Plastic and other plastics, it is uncomplicated to operate and works with modern plastics. This stainless steel Shredder is sterling for shredded cheese or other food, it imparts a workout look and feel to it that will make you feel like you're with just as much of the fun as you're playing. The hopper and motor make it facile to operate, and the shredded cheese always a pleasurable experience, this 3 d printed Shredder is in good condition. It includes an 10 x12 Plastic granulator, which is capable anything from to plastic, the blade is a high-quality 12" long with a thick, contractile head. It's in good condition, with no issues with erosion or normal usage, the Shredder can be used to process up to 12 paperbags per hour, which is quite significant in the world of small-scale writing. If you're wanting for a machine that can handle large sheets of paper, then commercial office Shredder paper destroy crosscut heavy-duty cd dvd credit is the machine for you, the mini Plastic Shredder machine is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes. It can be used to shred plastics, including paper, plastic, and metal, the machine can be used to produce large amounts of plastics within a short time and with little effort.