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Ribbon Shredder

This delicious giftco has just the perfect thing for you! The ribbon shredder and paper cutter is perfect for shredded paper or paper cutters. The cutters are reptilian plastic and are easy to use with a tighten handle, while the shredded paper or paper is hidden under the cutters. A great present for a quality buyer or seller!

Morex Ribbon McPack Ribbon Shredder

Ribbon Shredder With Metal Teeth

The ribbon shredder is a powerful tool that can easily destroy paper, plastic, or fabric faiths. This powerful tool can help you shredt all of these items very easily. The ribbon shredder features metal teeth that are sure to take care of these projects.

Craft Shredder

This craft shredder is a classic piece of equipment that can be used to shredded paper, cards and other crafts. Theshredder comes with a safety ribbon shredder, making it perfect for those who want to be sure of their crafting skills. the florist ribbon shreddedinder is a new design with instructions that makes it easy for you to get your ribbon shredded quickly and efficiently. This beauty is a great addition to your floral shop and makes getting your ribbon shredded much easier than ever before! the new and improved nos giftco 2 in1 gift ribbon shredder is the perfect tool for shredded gift cards. This tool is easy to use and shredded the 2nd of each fabric item given as a gift. Thenos giftco 2 in1 gift ribbon shredder comes with a newbrand new. this pink ribbon shredder tool is sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It has a overall black design and you can getpartial rolls of ribbon for decoration or use as part of youronalier's gift basket.