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Royal Micro Cut Shredder

Looking for a Shredder that can handle big-ticket items quickly and easily? Don't search more than the Royal microcut! This Shredder is equipped with 100-sheet auto-feeding paper shredders that make it effortless to clean, plus, its sleek design will make your store stand out from the rest.

Microcut Shredder

The Micro Cut Shredder is a valuable tool for minimalist living, this device is designed to shredded small pieces of paper which are then protected with a built in security system. The Royal Micro Cut Shredder is capable of shredded up to 10 pages at a time, the Royal Micro Cut Shredder 805 mc is a first rate choice for enthusiasts who are searching for a small, efficient paper Shredder that will can shredded up to 805 pages per minute. This Shredder also includes an 10 sheet capacity which makes it top grade for small businesses or homes with a limited number of pages, the Royal 1005 mc 10-sheet shredded Micro Cut Shredder will help you open your materials in a short 5 minute runtime. With it board and two cutters, the Royal 1005 mc 10-sheet shredded Micro Cut Shredder is top-of-the-line for shredding paper, plastic, and more, this Shredder is a terrific tool for enthusiasts who need to paper, cds and dvds into smaller pieces. The8-sheet Shredder makes thin paper and cardboard into thin pieces by cutting it down to size, the shears also cutting widths making it unequaled for smaller doses of paper and cardboard. The Royal Micro Cut Shredder is a top-of-the-line tool for individuals who need to make quick and basic money from their music, movies and other data.