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Shredder Helmet

No Helmet 5, this playmates Helmet provides a strong, durable texture that will keep you feeling good while it. The paint job as well excellent with a bright green and black color palette, and the included figure is indistinguishable from the real tmnt character.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Helmet

This tmnt 1922 Shredder figure is a must-have for any tmnt fans! With his shredded appearance, this tmnt 1922 Shredder figure is top-of-the-line for any tmnt fans! This is a playmate Helmet with a character on the front, it grants a red and green-coloredshredder logo on the front. It is a good quality Helmet with a comfortable fit, the action figure is included with this helmet! This accessory set is of the 1990 teenage mutant ninja turtles movie Shredder Helmet from accessory set. It is a white, air-purifyingshredder Helmet with a green and black design and it is manufactured of plastic, it is about three-inch tall, and it offers a green and black design. This is a first-rate new playmate for the nickelodeon teenage mutant ninja turtles! The Shredder Helmet is a sensational alternative to protect your head from club this product is new in new condition.