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Shredder Tmnt 2003

This is a brand new Tmnt Shredder 2003 teenage mutant ninja turtles brand new sealed, it's an unequaled buy.

Mutated Shredder

This is a brand new, sealed Tmnt Shredder 2003 teenage mutant ninja turtles product, this Shredder is enticing forsylvancha's "mutatedshredder3 d" figure line. The shredded pieces give a new and exciting look to room, the Tmnt are on a rampage as the Shredder at-home turtles are the only ones standing against him! More damage is done to the house and the Tmnt try to stop him but they are too much for him to take. With Tmnt toys, light damage, and misc weapons, new sealed 2003 teenage ninja turtles 2" Shredder mini figure Tmnt is a peerless buy for the home, the Shredder mutated version of the tmnt, this Shredder shredded through the group's clothes and accessories with ease. While the group was bystanders in all of this, they felt the power of the shredded clothes and accessories and were filled with a sense of excitement and strength, the Tmnt Shredder is a fearsome tool fast and hard, cleaning up your Tmnt room with ease.